About Us

Vancouver USA Chapter #5409

Vancouver USA Harley Owners Group was started in 1989 with only 10 members and a dealer with a vision. Today we have close to 100 members and our family just keeps growing.

Throwing a leg over the saddle and hitting the road or trail on two wheels has always been a blast, a truly unforgettable experience. Since the days of our youth attaching cards to the spokes of our banana seat Schwinn bikes, to now sitting atop a rumbling V-twin motorcycle, riding on two wheels is a means to break away and relax from the humdrum of everyday life. In essence, it is re-living our childhood memories, riding with friends and family and making new memories. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Whether you are an experienced rider or this is your first large motorcycle, you will find the Vancouver USA Harley Owners Group has a proactive approach to riding and safety. You will have the opportunity to not only enhance and hone your riding skills but share your knowledge to assist others in bettering their skills. If you are new to group riding, just say so, we all have been there and truly understand the awkward feeling. Don't be shy, let the Safety Officer know and he will gladly assist in organizing a training ride for you.  Knowing what to do and how to do it may preclude the chance of an accident. Chapter rides are designed to be fun and we want everyone to return safely.
Becoming a member of Vancouver USA H.O.G. provides you with the opportunity to not only share your experiences, adventures and knowledge with others, but with those who also share the same enthusiasm and passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles.  You will find that you and your new club will become fast FRIENDS, FAMILY, and COMRADES.

Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.)

H.O.G. is the official riding club of Harley-Davidson over one-million members strong, with more than 1400 chapters around the world.  H.O.G. is an organization founded and sponsored by Harley-Davidson Motor Company.  Established to offer motorcycling benefits and services to Harley-Davidson enthusiasts throughout the world, and develop a closer relationship between the Harley-Davidson rider, the Harley-Davidson dealership, and Harley-Davidson Motor Company.  

Each chapter is sponsored by a Harley-Davidson dealership.  It is offered to bring members together for the common interest of promoting motorcycling activities.  The intent of the Chapter is to “Ride and Have Fun” with like-minded individuals who have a passion for riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

You’ve made the commitment to ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.  Now let Harley Owners group give a little back.  H.O.G. gives you access to benefits designed exclusively for our members H.O.G. offers  a wide variety of member benefits, experiences and partnerships designed exclusively for members.

H.O.G. and Harley-Davidson are all about independence, freedom, and riding the open road.  If you love it too, we want you to join us.  

Visit us at www.members.hog.com to join our family and experience all the benefits H.O.G. has available to our members.   

Saddle Up & Let's Ride